Matt Walkley

Hello, I'm Matt Walkley and I create things for the web.

I have a passion for creating awesome websites & applications that are both functional and beautiful.

UX User Experience

Designing for the web doesn't start on a piece of paper or with a Photoshop canvas. It starts with the needs and expectations of a user. I enjoy observing these behaviors and converting them into well-purposed language and design.

UI Pixels

Watching a concept take shape is a beautiful thing. When that shape is both simple and elegant, I couldn't be happier. I see web design as the chance to creatively solve the most handsome of problems.

</> Code

What use is web design when it's just a picture? I believe that front-end development is the realization of web design in it's final medium — the browser. I pride myself in clean, semantic code that proves itself to be reusable and extendable.